:: Wpf RangeSlider for Winforms ::

1. What it does it do?
RangeSlider is a WPF .dll for Winforms. Thank you to joyofcode!

1.2. Features
Trackbar with 2 thumbs where you can select a range not just a value.

2. Requirements
- Winforms

3. Installation
Download source code and compile.

4. Tutorial
Add a reference to the .dll to your project. In designer add an ElementHost Element to your Winforms. In your main class add this code in the constructor:

rs = new BetterControl.RangeSlider();

rs.LowerValue = 30;
rs.UpperValue = 90;
rs.Minimum = 0;
rs.Maximum = 100;
this.elementHost1.Child = rs;
rs.OnLowerSlider_ValueChanged += new BetterControl.RangeSlider.MyControlEventHandler(rs_OnLowerSlider_ValueChanged);
rs.OnUpperSlider_ValueChanged += new BetterControl.RangeSlider.MyControlEventHandler(rs_OnUpperSlider_ValueChanged);

and add the function for the value changed:

void rs_OnLowerSlider_ValueChanged(object sender, double result)


void rs_OnUpperSlider_ValueChanged(object sender, double result)
         MessageBox.Show("U" + result.ToString());